Rene Pot

IMG_2013Hi! As you might’ve figured out, my name is Rene Pot. I am a JavaScript developer, mostly building mobile apps using Appcelerator Titanium. My experience in mobile app development is therefore also my most prominent presence online.

My history as a developer stretches much further than my mobile development history. I was triggered by Evert to dive into the web development world when I was just 12 (2000). I then build my first website called “Rene’s Website”. Yeah, not much creativity in that.

Ever since then I’ve developed websites using HTML & CSS, later joined by PHP when I was about 15. JavaScript only followed a couple years later. The move to mobile development was bound to happen, and so it did in 2011.

At the time I was working for a company called Tricode I build my first mobile app.

My interest in mobile apps started in 2011, when I developed my first mobile app called “ICD-10 NL” (no longer live). Shortly followed by my own app called Spoorbaan which is still updated regularly, and has recently (finally) also been released for Android.

Currently I am fulltime employed by Roamler, but also available for freelance jobs which can be done outside of office hours.

Technologies I work, or have worked, with in JavaScript include:

Appcelerator Titanium (Alloy & Classic), BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, MomentJS, KnockoutJS, jQuery and others.